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Product Code License Price Ex VAT Availability
VPD005-DL Special Trade £750.00 Sold Out
VPD005-SL Single-Location £900.00 Sold Out
VPD005-ML Multi- Location £1100.00 Sold Out

New Release Date August 2014

The June issue of the 2014 Veterinary Practices Directory is currently sold out.

Due to the limited number of licences issued each quarter we highly recommend those interested in acquiring the 2014 Veterinary Practices Directory to reserve their August copy as soon as possible.

By reserving the directory there will be no obligation on your part to purchase. We will contact you prior to the release date providing you with the option to confirm your order.

Orders reserved but not confirmed will be released to those companies and organisations on our waiting list.

To reserve the August issue of the 2014 Veterinary Practices Directory or to be placed on the June waiting list please email us at or alternatively telephone 020 7727 5016.



Trade Licence

If you have been allocated a Username and Password and wish to purchase the Special Trade version of the Veterinary Practices Directory please click on the Login Button

The Special Trade Licence is available to:

1-Exhibitors at pre-approved Veterinary Shows
2-Registered UK Charities
3-Clients issued with a promotional code
3-Government Institutions and Educational Establishments

To apply for a Trade Licence please Telephone us on 020 7727 5016 or email us via our Contact Form

Licence Conditions